Common Emotions that are Keeping You Broke



Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of debt you have? Do you feel like it's an impossible task to pay it all off? Are you overwhelmed because it seems like everyone else appears to 'have it all figured out' except for you?


Are you confused about how to handle money? Unsure of what to focus on first, second and third? Should you pay down debt, invest or save first? Not sure how or how much to invest for retirement? Confusion can cause analysis paralysis, meaning too much time is spent researching options, causing you to never reach a decision, never take action and never make any progress.


Are you scared because you have too many expenses and not enough income to make it till next payday? Are you scared to talk to your spouse about money because you don't want to cause another money fight? 



If you're struggling with any of these emotions that are keeping you broke, there is hope!  

Surviving in today's economy is hard enough - thriving with your money can seem nearly impossible, but it isn't. It just requires a new set of skills, many that don't come naturally to some people. Having a coach to teach you these skills and guide you through the emotions that are holding you back can help you finally thrive with money!

To address some of these emotions above:

It is ABSOLUTELY possible to pay off your debt and turn your finances around.

You are not the only one struggling. Everyone else does NOT have it 'all figured out'. Social media makes it seem like they have the perfect life. Trust me, they don't.

Like anything else, thriving with your money is about doing the right things, the right way at the right time. Guessing your way through it, which is what most people do, may or may not work eventually, but following the lead of someone who has already done it and can show you the way is a recipe for success. I've been there, I made a mess of my finances in the past and I've also learned from my mistakes and learned a better way to manage my money. You don't have to face this alone. I'd love to help you get the peace you deserve!

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